Home Security Special!

MyBitHome in San Antonio is offering an unbeatable smart home technology special. You will get a state-of-the-art smart home security panel, three doors, a motion detector, and an HD video doorbell system — with installation costs included. All of this is a $1,250 value that MyBitHome is offering right now for an amazingly low price! Just click link below to have a representative call you!


Modernize Your Home With Smart Home Technology

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Smartphone App


Smart Home Panel

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HD Video Doorbell

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Motion Sensor

Centralized Control Through the Smartphone App

MyBitHome in San Antonio makes operating and controlling your smart home technology a breeze. Practically every aspect of your home’s technology can be controlled in one, easy-to-use, centralized app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Access everything you need in seconds right in the palm of your hand. To learn more about MyBitHome’s smart home technology program, contact us today!

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Take Charge With the Smart Home Security Panel

The smart home security panel we provided acts as a command station while you’re at home. You can control everything from automation settings to system arming and more. The smart home panel makes customizing your home’s technology easy. Whether you work with technology each and every day or you would consider yourself “computer illiterate”, our control panel is accessible and simple. Create the perfect smart home technology experience for you and your family with MyBitHome in San Antonio!

Upgrade Your Home’s Security

All modern homes should have basic security like windows and door locks, but that isn’t always enough. Many people want the peace of mind provided by being able to get real-time updates on your home’s status. This is especially true for parents that have children and other family members at home while they have to be elsewhere. Upgrading to a smart home security system helps to ensure the safety of your belongings and most importantly: your family. With features like door and motion sensors, the HD video doorbell, and connected doors and locks, you’ll be completely in-the-know with the status of your home. Keep safe and in control with smart home technology at MyBitHome in San Antonio.

Get Started

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At MyBitHome in San Antonio, our goal is to provide you with quality smart home security and technology at an affordable price. We do our best to make our systems as accessible as possible because we believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own home. Be sure to check this page often for our seasonal specials and don’t hesitate to contact us at MyBitHome with any questions.